Japan and the United States Collaboratively Seek Countermeasures against Hypersonic Weapons

South Korea may also join the project

16/08/2023 - 22:37
Source: Yomiuri
Source: Yomiuri

Japan and the United States are engaged in the pursuit of innovative solutions capable of intercepting hypersonic missiles, as reported by Sarbaz.kz citing the Japanese publication Yomiuri.

It is envisaged that this collaborative development will span a period of ten years.

Furthermore, this project will be deliberated upon during the summit between Japan, the United States, and South Korea scheduled for August 18th. Should this initiative come to fruition, it would mark the second instance of "rocket cooperation" between the United States and Japan, following the first endeavor known as SM-3 Block 2A, which concluded in 2017.

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force currently possesses medium-range "surface-to-air" missiles, a development undertaken by the Ministry of Defense. However, the missiles onboard ships lack interception capabilities. Hence, within the scope of this conceptual realization, the pivotal objective lies in devising a system capable of detecting and tracking hypersonic weaponry in advance.



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