US Air Force Plans Development of Energy-Efficient Aircraft

JetZero, an innovative aerospace startup specializing in the creation of economical aircraft, has been selected by the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) for the design and testing of a prototype aircraft.

17/08/2023 - 20:02
Source: JetZero
Source: JetZero

This development, named Z-5, exhibits a distinctive fuselage design featuring a blended wing configuration with an elongated body and slender wings, reminiscent of the B-2 Spirit bomber. This strategic move follows a year-long competition and signals remarkable strides within aviation technology, according to reports by citing the LB Business Journal.

JetZero Z-5 triumphed among its competing counterparts and is slated for final preparations ahead of its inaugural flight in 2027. This project marks a significant milestone in aircraft engineering, offering a glimpse into a more ecologically responsible and efficient future for the Air Force fleet. The highly lauded initiative from military circles underscores its pivotal role in potentially preempting Chinese technological advancements and augmenting the Air Force's combat capabilities.

Tom O'Liri, CEO of JetZero, underscored the company's commitment to bestowing enhanced capabilities upon both the military and commercial sectors during the project's presentation at the Aerospace Forces Association event.

The US Air Force's emphasis on the Pacific region as a primary priority underscores the demand for cost-effective aircraft with extended flight range and speed. In this context, a growing need for cargo planes and refueling aircraft is anticipated.

The blended wing-body configuration is touted as a pivotal technological advancement for future Air Force aircraft, furnishing improved aerodynamics and radar stealth through its streamlined triangular shape. This innovation holds the potential to elevate efficiency by up to 50% compared to conventional mobile aircraft, doubling flight range and significantly reducing the Air Force's annual fuel consumption and environmental impact.

JetZero's collaboration with Northrop Grumman on the Z-5 has already secured $40 million in government funding, and in addition to private investments, an additional $235 million will be allocated by the state by 2026.

Following successful flight trials, the JetZero aircraft could be considered a replacement for C-5 and C-17 transport planes, or even the KC-46 tanker.

The US Air Force envisions multiple transport configurations utilizing blended wing aircraft, with potential applications extending to commercial aviation. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall hailed this project as a transformative initiative, offering benefits to both the commercial industry and the Department of Defense, positioning it as an innovative venture with far-reaching implications.



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