Morocco Procures Israeli Air Defense System for $500 Million

This procurement marks a historic milestone in the country's history.

18/08/2023 - 20:08

The Ministry of Defense of Morocco has acquired the Barak MX air defense system from the Israeli company Israel Aerospace Industries for a sum of $500 million, as reported by citing

The Barak MX air defense system offers enhanced protection of airspace against a variety of threats, including missiles and drones, thus ensuring the safety of the country's skies.

This Israeli development constitutes a modular anti-missile system that confronts threats through three types of interceptors within the "Barak" system.

The Barak-MRAD interceptor can neutralize missiles up to a distance of 35 km. The second type of interceptor, Barak-LRAD, engages targets at a range of up to 70 km. Lastly, the Barak-ER can destroy missiles at distances of up to 150 km.

In addition to its anti-missile capabilities, the Israeli system includes radar systems and can also neutralize aircraft, helicopters, and unauthorized drones.

This transaction, as noted by military analysts, contributes to closer cooperation between both countries, which are interested in regional stability and security. For instance, as part of this military collaboration, Morocco had previously acquired the Skylook Dome system and Haron drones from the Israeli side.

It is important to highlight that the distinguishing feature of the Barak MX air defense system is its adaptability, enabling it to integrate seamlessly into existing systems, thus allowing for swift adjustments to its defensive strategy based on the nature of the threat.



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