Russian Military Demonstrates Microwave Anti-Mine Cannon

The upgraded microwave cannon is specifically designed to counter mines equipped with semiconductor components.

18/08/2023 - 20:11
Source: Rostec
Source: Rostec

Rostec has announced plans to equip the "Listva" demining vehicle with a modernized microwave cannon to enhance its effectiveness in neutralizing modern mines containing semiconductor electronics. This revelation surfaced during the "Army-2023" forum and has been reported by citing TASS.

The proposed microwave equipment upgrade will lead to an increased power density of the emitted signal, reaching approximately 10 W/cm² at distances ranging from 50 to 80 meters. The primary aim of this enhancement is to heighten the likelihood of effectively neutralizing both conventional improvised explosive devices and modern improvised explosive devices (IEDs) containing semiconductor electronic components.

Microwave weaponry, falling under the category of directed energy weapons (DEWs), is well-known in Russia. Enhanced high-power microwaves are targeted at mechanisms, particularly electronic systems, and pose minimal risk to nearby individuals. Consequently, various armed forces worldwide, including China and the United States, have demonstrated significant interest in microwave radiation technologies.

The "Listva" demining vehicle employs an induction wide-sweep search module for detecting explosives and mines. Electromagnetic radiation is utilized to disarm explosive materials and mines with electronic components, either by disrupting their functionality or destroying their electronic elements.

Equipped with means to detect metal-containing explosive substances at distances of up to 100 meters while moving at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour, the "Listva" vehicle features a front wide-zone search module with 16 electromagnetic and induction sensors capable of mine detection. If necessary, mines can also be detected manually.

By emitting powerful microwave radiation from a parabolic antenna atop the vehicle, electronic mines can be neutralised without causing physical damage, resulting in a 50-meter-wide demining zone. This enhancement provides protection against remotely activated explosive devices, often triggered via cell phones. The "Listva" vehicle is capable of generating electrical pulses simulating mobile phones and other electronic devices.



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