"Made in Kazakhstan: How a Kazakh startup is completely changing the approach to military training"

At the recently concluded Defence Tech Battle, the award for "Best Innovative Technology in the Defense Sector" was won by programmers from Pavlodar with their project, "Geotactica."

20/09/2023 - 14:01
Source: Provided by the developers for Sarbaz.kz
Source: Provided by the developers for Sarbaz.kz

A correspondent from Sarbaz.kz delved into the development by the winners in the category of "Best Innovative Technology in the Defense Sector" at the Defense Tech Battle startup competition and learned from the creators about the project's unique features and future plans.

For the average person, the military-industrial complex often conjures images of weapon production, machinery, and complex network structures. However, military simulators, vital for defense, form another crucial branch of the defense industry.

As Colonel Yerzhan Aitakov, Head of the Department of Military-Technical Policy at the Ministry of Defense, emphasized in an interview with Sarbaz.kz, the development and production of military simulators are among the most promising sectors of Kazakhstan's defense industry. With the active integration of information technology, military training and tactical education can reach new levels of development.

"Geotactica" is a multi-user virtual platform designed for teaching fundamental combat skills, navigation, and tactical reconnaissance. The simulator boasts a wide range of functional capabilities, enabling precise replication of various combat scenarios and tactical situations. The program can be used both in a traditional classroom setting and for online learning, making it a versatile tool for specialist training.

The project's development commenced in 2019. Initially, a simulator was developed for topography skills, and gradually, features for teaching firing and tactical preparation were added, along with modules for training artillery and air defense specialists.

In the development of weaponry and equipment, special attention is paid to ensuring compliance with the tactical and technical data of real prototypes, ensuring the highest level of similarity in sights and ballistic properties of ammunition.

During the demonstration, the developers showcased the simulator for an anti-aircraft missile system, impressing with its detail and realism. It's not like a computer game where you aim and shoot. The operation of an anti-aircraft missile system requires a team of several individuals. The battery commander prepares the weaponry and selects the target, the guidance officer must align the complex with the target using indicators, verify the correct alignment of launchers, and initiate the launch as soon as the target enters the engagement range. Manual tracking operators monitor the shooting results.

In the artillery observer simulator, trainees acquire artillery targeting skills using an artillery panorama. The firing simulator, complete with visualized projectile trajectory, allows for a visual assessment of the accuracy of targeting and identifying any errors made.

Moreover, the simulator includes a network mode: users from different computers can form units, enabling trainees to practice a wide range of scenarios. For example, one unit may defend a hill while another attempts to capture it.