Addendum to Conscription in Kazakhstan to Become Automatic

The government has endorsed the Ministry of Defense's initiative to automate the process of conscripting citizens into military service in 2024. The pilot project will commence on January 1, 2024.

21/08/2023 - 12:40
Source: MoD of RK Press
Source: MoD of RK Press

Starting from January 1, 2024, young Kazakhstani citizens born in 2007 will be subject to conscription. According to preliminary data, this includes approximately 120,000 seventeen-year-old young men, as reported by, citing the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan.

Information regarding the health status of these young individuals will be obtained from the information systems of healthcare organizations. According to the ministry, implementing this proactive service will save more than 1 billion tenge of budget funds annually, which were previously allocated by local executive bodies for organizing and conducting conscription into military service. This includes salaries for members of medical commissions, expenses for transporting young men from remote rural districts, office supplies, and other necessities. Automating the service also eliminates the need for obtaining certificates of conscription to the conscription areas.

It's worth noting that conscription allows for the enlistment of citizens into military service, determining their numbers and categories of fitness for military service. While previously these data were collected during events held at the management and defense departments of districts and cities, the current level of integration between the information systems (IS) of state bodies allows for the inclusion of seventeen-year-old young men in military registration without their direct participation.



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