Anti-Drone Cannons and Combat Simulators: Highlights from Defence Tech Battle

The Astana Hub hosted a startup competition in the field of defense technologies, known as Defence Tech Battle.

31/08/2023 - 12:47

The event was organized by Astana Hub technology park in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, as reported by

The Defence Tech Battle identified the best projects in three categories.

In the "Best Innovative Defense Technology" category, the victory went to a startup named "Geotaktika." This project represents a three-dimensional simulator designed for training tactical skills and weapon handling. Built from the ground up, the project offers a complete training cycle for mastering firearms and equipment, taking into account all nuances, from projectile aerodynamics to sight adjustment. The simulator already offers comprehensive training for artillerymen, tank crews, and drone pilots. Furthermore, the simulator is designed to run on lower-end computers, making it accessible to a wide audience. According to speaker Denis Zinoviev, this project will not only popularize military service among schoolchildren but also simplify and enhance the quality of military education in schools and military departments.

In the "Optimal Solution for Security and Protection" category, the victory was claimed by the startup "Beren" from Cleverest Technologies. Beren is an anti-drone cannon with directional impact that disables all drone systems with a focused beam, rendering it uncontrollable. Comparing Beren to its analogs, the speaker emphasized that Beren has minimal drone interaction time compared to foreign anti-drone cannons, and it has a broader frequency range.

In the "Revolutionary Defense Solution" category, the first place was awarded to the "Game of Drones" project, which is an online simulator for controlling real drones. This simulator is intended to train military personnel in operating machinery and coordinating team battles. Remote control of drones will allow military personnel to save on transporting soldiers to airfields while maintaining the full scope of drone operation training. The winners in each of these categories were awarded cash prizes of $5,000.

Other projects that participated in the battle included:

  1. SmartView – an intelligent military monitoring system with built-in AI, The monitoring system can detect and signal unauthorized access, gatherings of people, and fires. According to the authors of the startup, this will increase the efficiency of video surveillance in military units.

  2. 3D Printer UMKA – a printer capable of printing from a wide range of materials. UMKA printer enables the printing of not only equipment parts but also buildings and food.

  3. SUNQAR and ANSAR – automated weapon control systems installed on Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering armored vehicles.

Additionally, satellite technologies for unmanned aerial systems, "Drone Kamikaze," and "Satellite Signal Suppression and Spoofing System for Drones" were part of the competition.

"Our technology park, as the core of the IT industry ecosystem, is ready to provide all kinds of support. We see that many interesting and innovative solutions are being developed, but in niches that are not very demanded. Therefore, I have a request to entrepreneurs – tell your friends and acquaintances that there is such an opportunity, there is a defense niche. Here are very significant opportunities, high demand, and a great need for innovation. Invite IT specialists and innovators into this sphere; let them come and offer their solutions. Specifically for this purpose, the Ministry of Defense has launched the Defence Tech Center initiative, with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development. Today's event is just a small part of it. Now everything will be systematic and continuously developed," emphasized Magzhan Madiyev, CEO of Astana Hub.

The expert panel included the following participants: Kanyshe Tuleushin, First Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Darkhan Akhmediyev, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Zhumabek Akhmetov, Head of the Department of Military Education and Science of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Ania Baykenova, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Joint Stock Company "Kazakhstan Center for Geoinformation Systems"; Temirzhan Abdrakhmanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Joint Stock Company "Scientific and Production Company "Kazakhstan Engineering"; and Magzhan Madiyev, CEO of Astana Hub.



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