SpaceX Rocket Delivers US Missile Warning Satellites to Near-Earth Orbit

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully placed 13 satellites into low Earth orbit above the planet's surface.

05/09/2023 - 12:51
Source: SpaceX
Source: SpaceX

The United States Space Development Agency launched its second batch of satellites for data transmission and rocket tracking, laying the foundation for the infrastructure that will serve as the Pentagon's cornerstone for operations in all domains, as reported by with reference to DefenceNews.

The mission included 10 spacecraft built by Lockheed Martin, one from York Space Systems, and two tracking satellites from SpaceX.

These satellites are part of a program that will ultimately include 28 spacecraft: eight for detecting and tracking ballistic and hypersonic missiles, and 20 for data transmission through optical communication channels. The total cost of development, launch, and operation amounts to $980 million.



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