South Korea Supplies Poland with New Homar-K Missile System

The two countries collaborate closely in the field of defense.

24/08/2023 - 14:03
Source: Ministry of Defence of Poland
Source: Ministry of Defence of Poland

South Korea has supplied Poland with its new Homar-K missile system, according to the Polish Ministry of Defense, as reported by

The development, named Homar-K, is a product of close cooperation between South Korea and Poland.

The missile system was designed to suit the landscape of Poland. The delivery of the first unit of this type of system marks the beginning of long-term defense cooperation, which includes the supply of 218 missile systems of this type. The presented model can be integrated into the Polish TOPAZ command and control system.

Homar-K succeeds another South Korean development, the K239 Chumoo, which was introduced in 2013 to replace the K136 Kooryong system. The new platform is versatile in firing missiles of various calibers, which will strengthen Poland's defense capabilities in the long term.

Experts note that the choice of the Homar-K was not made lightly. It signifies a commitment to new defense technologies, and through this deal, Poland significantly enhances its mutual cooperation with Korea.



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