New Ground Surveillance Technologies Unveiled at Dubai Airshow

Advanced radar system TRML-4D showcased its efficacy in modern conflict zones at the exhibition.

17/11/2023 - 11:51

At the Dubai Airshow, HENSOLDT presented innovative sensor technologies, as reported by, citing the company's official website. The manufacturer introduced its advanced radar system, TRML-4D, demonstrating its value in modern conflict zones, notably in Ukraine.

The system's uniqueness positioned it as a critical element in the Ukrainian reconnaissance complex and early warning systems, capable of detecting aerial targets up to 250 km away.

TRML-4D stands as a mobile remote device. As a sensor system, it ensures operational flexibility and adaptability to rapidly changing demands in the aerial theater of war. The system also boasts cutting-edge Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) sensor technology, enabling weapon detection and tracking from both short and long distances. Moreover, this technology can track and classify airborne targets, particularly small, fast-moving cruise missiles, aircraft, and helicopters.

Apart from its radar system, the German company promotes the ARGOS series of field systems. The Argos 8 series is designed for use in UAVs, enabling the tracking of enemy force movements and striking hostile targets.

At the exhibition, the company showcased the capabilities of the Advanced Missile Protection System (AMPS). This system detects missile, laser, and radar threats, automatically triggering countermeasures. In its basic version, AMPS detects the exhaust plume of approaching missiles, automatically activates decoys, and creates interference for the missile guidance system. Thanks to its modular design, AMPS can be augmented with laser sensors and radar warning sensors.

HENSOLDT's ground surveillance solutions have reached a new level with the Spexer 600 and NightOwI M cameras, boasting exceptional observation capabilities.

The company highlighted its position as a leader in surveillance and reconnaissance, crucial in defense systems, adding that such exhibitions provide an opportunity to showcase their technologies.



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