Germany is modernizing Eurofighter jets for electronic warfare, equipping them with electronic warfare systems.

The military aircraft will be equipped with electronic warfare systems.

04/12/2023 - 10:33
Source: Airbus
Source: Airbus

Germany's Budget Committee has received approval and granted permission for the procurement of 15 new fighters for the country's Air Force, as reported by with reference to the country's Ministry of Finance. The multi-role fighters will be equipped with electronic warfare systems.

The German aircraft will receive a location identification and missile self-protection system against AARGM missiles.

Photo: Airbus/Eurofighter Typhoon

The new Eurofighter ECR is expected to receive NATO certification by 2030, leading to the replacement of the German Panavia Tornado ECR with its anti-aircraft suppression capability. With the new Eurofighter ECR systems, it will be able to detect and neutralize anti-aircraft radars. Additionally, the aircraft will incorporate new artificial intelligence technologies to detect onboard radar emissions and take quick measures for self-protection.

"Electronic warfare and reconnaissance are important requirements for NATO. Current conflicts and security situations only confirm the significance of these capabilities... That's why the German government places a special emphasis on EW systems and security," stated Michael Schöllhorn, CEO of Airbus Defense and Space.

It's worth noting that the project has been in the planning for several years. In 2019, the German Air Force anticipated the government's decision to launch and deploy new NATO-standard electronic warfare systems.

Currently, Airbus is closely collaborating with the German armed forces in the realm of new technologies and support systems. There's a particularly close partnership in aviation, with a clear timeline established for the integration of ECR systems.



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