The New Technological Stage of Autonomous Aerial Vehicles

Both autonomous systems are more flexible and significantly cheaper to operate compared to models used on the international stage.

12/12/2023 - 11:40
Source: Anduril
Source: Anduril

The American defense company Anduril, specializing in new defense technologies and producing unmanned aerial vehicles, showcased two new developments, as reported by with reference to

The company noted that both Autonomous Unmanned Systems (AUS) have been released to the market and are available for use by armed forces worldwide. It is therefore crucial to familiarize oneself with the characteristics declared by the manufacturer for each of the versions.

The autonomous aerial vehicle, Roadrunner, is equipped with two vertical takeoff and landing jet engines, operator-controlled, and fitted with twin turbojet engines. Thanks to its modular payload system, it can transport cargo, enabling it to perform various mission types. The maneuverability and flexibility of the vehicle allow for quick launch and return to any geographical point.

On the other hand, Roadrunner-M is a modified model of Roadrunner designed for detecting and intercepting various aerial threats. Even if it fails to intercept the target, it can return to the base and be relaunched, making it reusable. This is its distinguishing feature from other vehicles.

Notably, both vehicles take off vertically from an autonomous hangar, which serves as both the launchpad and provides autonomous monitoring of all device systems. The company also highlighted that both autonomous systems are more flexible and much cheaper to operate compared to models used on the international stage.

The futuristic design of the vehicles is striking in their images. However, as for the main parameters of speed, flight range, and altitude, no information has been disclosed yet. The company has not revealed these details.

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