The U.S. Army is harnessing the power of AI to combat fake content

The new tool is capable of analysing social media and detect misleading content and fakes

02/08/2023 - 21:01

A new tool, named Data Robot, is being tested to analyze social media platforms and identify misleading content, as reported by, citing Defensenews.

A program, titled Data Robot was part of the Cyber Quest tests conducted in July at Fort Gordon, Georgia.

"We want to provide commanders with accurate information at the right time so that we can influence the enemy. And I think Data Robot has really shown us that we can start moving in that direction," Colonel Brett Riddle told journalists during the Cyber Quest briefing.

Swiftly discerning facts from fiction is crucial for field operations. The challenge grows as fake news inundates platforms like Twitter and Facebook, while global powers invest heavily in disinformation campaigns.

It took around 90 days for the Data Robot tool to validate data effectively and identify messages sent by bots. Recognition of patterns and other insights were acquired through extensive training. Officials say that ultimately, Data Robot could be integrated into the command center's computing environment to provide real-time information, although some glitches need to be addressed for this to be accomplished.




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