The United States is Bolstering its Defense Against Drones

03/08/2023 - 21:47
Source: Epirus
Source: Epirus

Two U.S. defense companies have joined forces to create an anti-drone system, as reported by with reference to Defensenews.

The company Epirus, specialising in directed energy devices, and Anduril Industries, a software developer, have collaborated to develop the Leonidas microwave weapon with the Lattice management program.

The microwave system employs energy beams that cause the electronics to burn out, rendering any aerial vehicle inoperative. Moreover, the system can be used not only to target individual threats but also to cover entire regions. Meanwhile, the Lattice system will function as a self-learning operating system capable of automatically analyzing threats based on input data.

The application of anti-drone systems is diverse, allowing installation in various locations. For instance, Epirus, in partnership with General Dynamics Land System, successfully integrated its Leonidas system onto the Stryker armored personnel carrier. During testing, the Stryker was effectively shielded from both individual drones and drone swarms.



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