Large protests have erupted in France following the death of a teenager

Resulting in demonstrations in several major cities. 

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04/07/2023 - 16:02
Photo from BBC
Photo from BBC, citing BBC, reports that protests have taken place in France after a local police officer has shot and killed a teenager of North African descent.

In response to the widespread protests, French President Emmanuel Macron held an emergency meeting with his cabinet on Thursday.

"The past few hours have been marked by scenes of violence and attacks on police stations, schools, and town halls", Macron stated, as he formally begun the meeting.

During the night of Thursday (the second night of unrest), approximately 150 arrests were made by the police, according to Minister of Interior Affairs, Gérald Darmanin. He noted that the most heated situation is observed in the suburbs of France's major cities, which have ethnically diverse populations. On Thursday evening, forty thousand police officers will be deployed in cities across France to prevent a third consecutive night of disorder.

The epicenter of the unrest is a small working-class town of Nanterre in the western suburbs of Paris, where the tragic incident occurred on Tuesday: a 17-year-old named Naël M, who was driving a Mercedes, was stopped by a police patrol for a traffic violation and was shot dead for resisting the police.

According to the latest reports, clashes with the police have taken place in Lille, Toulouse, Amiens, Dijon, and other cities across different regions of France.

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