Russia Hosts Main Naval Parade Celebrating Russian Navy Day

The principal naval parade, commemorating Russian Navy Day, took place in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt.

31/07/2023 - 02:24
Source: TASS
Source: TASS

The parade, now in its seventh edition, featured the participation of 33 surface ships and boats, 4 submarines from the Baltic, Northern, Pacific Fleets, and the Caspian Flotilla, along with 8 sailing vessels. Overall, the maritime and land components of the parade involved approximately 3,000 servicemen, as reported by, referencing Interfax.

In the Neva River, submarines "Saint Petersburg" and "Velikiye Luki," as well as small missile ships "Zeleny Dol" and "Burya," were positioned, alongside sailing vessels. The vigilant guard ship "Neustrashimy" assumed the role of flagship, overseeing the parade formation.

At the Great Kronstadt Roads, anchor points hosted the submarine "Dmitrov," small missile ship "Mytishchi," corvette "Boiky," the world's largest sailing ship - the bark "Sedov," and the sail training ship "Mir."

Furthermore, naval parades of Russian Navy vessels were also conducted in the main bases of the Baltic, Northern, Pacific Fleets, and the Caspian Flotilla, as well as in Novorossiysk on the Black Sea and the Syrian port of Tartus on the Mediterranean Sea.



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