Greece Declares Red Alert Danger Due to Forest Fires

Rescuers are evacuating approximately 30,000 People

25/07/2023 - 02:50
Source: Maxar Technologies
Source: Maxar Technologies

The Greek island of Rhodes has declared the highest red level of danger, signifying an extremely high risk due to forest fires, as reported by European media and relayed by

Over 80 forest fires erupted over the weekend across three resort islands in Greece: Rhodes, Evia, and Corfu. Rescuers have evacuated around 30,000 individuals. This represents the largest such rescue operation ever conducted in Greece. Temporary camps have been set up on the island to accommodate those affected by this situation.

Meanwhile, British airlines have cancelled all flights to Rhodes for several days. Empty planes are being dispatched by these companies to retrieve tourists. Greece's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the launch of assistance services for tourists at the Rhodes international airport.

The fires erupted against the backdrop of a severe heatwave gripping Greece. The spread of the fires has proven challenging due to rising winds. The exact area affected by the fire has not been specified.

"Country is in a state of war with the fires. We are fighting with fire, and we will restore everything lost, compensating all those affected," said Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis during a parliamentary address.

The prime minister added that Greece is facing "three difficult days" ahead due to the rise in air temperature.

Source: Maxar Technologies



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