Serbia to Suspend Arms Exports for One Month

This decision was announced by Minister of Defence Milos Vucevic.

19/07/2023 - 19:06

Serbia will temporarily suspend arms exports for a period of 30 days in order to enhance the combat readiness of its armed forces, according to a report by referencing Eurasia Daily.

Minister of Defence Milos Vucevic explained that the temporary suspension of arms exports does not signify Serbia's preparation for war.

"It simply means that the country is prudently assessing security risks and challenges, and is closely monitoring regional developments," the publication states.

As per Milos Vucevic, the focus will now shift towards meeting the needs of the Serbian military, with all domestically produced weapons and ammunition being directed to the armed forces.

"This move will further bolster our country's defense capabilities and those of the Serbian military," emphasised the minister.



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