Two Rembrandt Paintings Sold for $14 Million

The paintings are considered to be unique.

07/07/2023 - 19:44
Source: BBC
Source: BBC

Two portraits by the brush of Rembrandt, which had been in private hands for 200 years, were auctioned off at Christie's in London for $14 million, as reported by correspondent citing BBC.

The small oval portraits, measuring no more than 20 centimeters in height, depicting a prosperous Dutch plumber and his spouse, dated around 1635, were put up for bidding as part of the sale of old master collections. It was anticipated that they would fetch between £5-8 million, yet during the auction, the price surpassed £11 million or $14 million.

These portraits last appeared at the same Christie's auction house in 1824, where they were acquired by the ancestors of the current owners. Since then, they remained within a private collection, fading from the view of art experts and Rembrandt connoisseurs.



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