China Conducts Drone Exercises

Previously, the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) held joint exercises involving J-16 combat aircraft alongside the WingLoong-2 drone.

15/08/2023 - 22:42
Source: CCTV
Source: CCTV

The PLAAF of China has demonstrated new methods of drone control, as reported by citing CCTV.

During recent maneuvers conducted in the northwest of China, the armed reconnaissance drone GJ-2 executed reconnaissance and strike operations according to a realistic combat scenario.

Operators of the remotely stationed drones were tasked with searching for, detecting, identifying, and engaging multiple targets within a single flight. This remote control capability represents a novel combat paradigm developed this year.

The drone squadron also engaged in joint exercises with other branches of the military, including long-range missile units of the PLA Rocket Force, special operations forces, and manned aviation.

Previously, the PLAAF organized joint exercises involving J-16 combat aircraft and the WingLoong-2 drone. During these exercises, the drone took off from the airfield, followed by the J-16 aircraft.

The drone launched missiles at certain targets, although the specific role of the fighters in the operation remains unspecified. However, experts speculate that the drone likely focused on ground-target attack while the fighters provided cover. Alternatively, the forward-flying drone might have acted as a decoy to potential enemy air defenses.



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