Australia Transfers Bushmaster Tactical Vehicles to Indonesian Armed Forces

The transfer of vehicles occurred within the framework of regional cooperation between the two nations.

15/08/2023 - 22:45
Source: Ministry of Defence of Australia
Source: Ministry of Defence of Australia

Australia has delivered 15 tactical protective vehicles of the Bushmaster model to Indonesia as part of regional collaboration, as reported by citing the Australian Ministry of Defence.

These vehicles were offered to Indonesia by Canberra in 2021 with the aim of enhancing the country's capabilities in peacekeeping missions and counter-terrorism efforts. However, logistical and bureaucratic challenges postponed the delivery of the vehicles.

Before dispatch, Australian military personnel provided training to 25 Indonesian soldiers, imparting skills for the effective operation and technical maintenance of these vehicles under various conditions, including harsh environments and high-risk situations.

The Bushmaster is renowned for its capacity to transport up to ten equipped military personnel. It is an explosion-resistant off-road vehicle designed for extended missions, powered by a Caterpillar 3126E engine. This type of engine can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h and cover distances of up to 800 km.

The acquired vehicles will bolster Indonesia's capability for transporting personnel with higher technical protection and safety. These vehicles are specifically engineered for tasks such as ambush situations, mine clearance, and handling improvised explosive devices, which are common challenges in regions where Indonesian military conducts peacekeeping operations.



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