South Korea and UAE Conduct Joint Military Exercises

Approximately 2,500 servicemen will participate in the drills

16/08/2023 - 22:39
Source: Korea Herald
Source: Korea Herald

South Korea and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are presently engaged in advanced technological joint military exercises, as reported by citing the Korea Herald.

According to armed forces sources, the exercises are taking place at the Korean Combat Training Center in Inje, situated 165 kilometers east of Seoul, utilizing cutting-edge technologies for realistic ground maneuvers.

About 2,500 servicemen are participating in the drills, including a UAE armed forces platoon, along with over 200 units of military equipment. The UAE is participating in exercises at this facility for the first time.

The recent exercises are divided into two three-day segments, focusing on separate defensive and offensive operations against a specialized counteraction unit, all aimed at assessing the combat capabilities of the participants, as per army officials.

Major General Said Rashid Al-Shhehi, the Commander of UAE Ground Forces, along with Army Chief of Staff General Park Jeong-hwan, visited the training center.

Both South Korea and the UAE have recently sought to strengthen bilateral ties, with the UAE procuring SAM air defense systems from South Korea.

It's worth noting that apart from joint exercises with South Korea, the UAE also conducts joint aerial exercises with China in Xinjiang.



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