Israel Hosts Unique Air Defense Unit

The unit rapidly identifies the source of missile launches.

17/08/2023 - 19:42
Source: AFCEA
Source: AFCEA

Within the ranks of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), a specialized division serves a distinct role. The 611th Battalion of the 282nd Artillery Brigade is tasked with pinpointing the source of missile launches and swiftly disseminating this critical intelligence to other Israeli units. The functioning of this division is detailed in a report by

This unit specialises in accurately determining the origin of rocket launches. While other radar systems often focus on the point of impact, this division tracks the launch point. This triangulation process also identifies the nature of the threat – from simple rockets to unmanned aerial vehicles. Upon identifying the launch point, the coordinates are transmitted through the network for a retaliatory strike. This operational concept reflects the "Sensor-Shooter" framework, akin to the "All-Domain Command and Control" initiative invested in by the US Pentagon.

The 611th Battalion is part of the 282nd Artillery Brigade, headquartered at the Yiftah Camp near the Sea of Galilee. Since 2017, it has been known colloquially as the "fire" division, referred to as the Golan Formation. Operating under the Northern Command of the IDF, the brigade collaborates with the Golani Infantry Brigade, the 7th Armored Brigade, and the 188th Armored Division. Given the escalating tension with the Iran-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah, the northern region has recently been a focal point for Israeli forces.

This division has been directly involved in numerous recent operations, including "Dawn" in August 2022 and "Shield and Arrow" in May of this year. During the conflict in Gaza, the division delivered 26 counterattacks on rocket launchers and 14 mortar positions. Moreover, the unit played a role in activating 345 sirens used to alert Israeli citizens to seek shelter.

The radar system utilised in the 611th Battalion is quite similar to the versatile radars employed by the air force and integrated into the renowned "Iron Dome" air defense system. However, the unit remains adaptable and continuously evolving to address modern challenges.

In anticipation of potential multi-front warfare, particularly amid heightened tensions with Iran, Israel has spent recent years preparing for various scenarios. This unit is primed for seamless interaction with units deployed along different segments of the Israeli border. This entails direct communication across varying echelons, from battalions to brigades and higher command levels.



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