Qatar Air Force Receives Final Batch of Modern F-15QA Ababil Fighters

Qatar's Air Force has now bolstered its fleet with a total of 36 combat aircraft.

18/08/2023 - 19:56
Source: Qatar Ministry of Defence
Source: Qatar Ministry of Defence

Boeing has concluded the delivery of the F-15QA Ababil fighters, significantly enhancing the country's air defense capabilities, reports with reference to Qatar's Ministry of Defence.

This advanced fighter jet is equipped with an expanded array of features and serves as the baseline aircraft for the production of the F-15EX for the U.S. Air Force. By delivering the last five aircraft of this model, Boeing has fulfilled its contract with Qatar's Air Force for the supply of 36 fighters.

These aircraft boast state-of-the-art radars, an enhanced display system, large screens, and cutting-edge data transmission systems. Additionally, the fighters are outfitted with the latest warning systems for missile threats.

The newly-produced fighters are intended to replace the French Mirage 2000-5F aircraft that Qatar's Air Force still employs.

It's worth noting that the first fighter destined for Qatar completed its maiden flight in April 2020.

Furthermore, the inaugural flights of the new aircraft are scheduled to commence by late 2023.



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