Elbit Systems Initiates Export of Barrage-Fire Munitions

The contract value for this venture stands at $95 million.

21/09/2023 - 12:31
Source: Defence 24
Source: Defence 24

Elbit Systems has recently announced a contract for the supply of loitering munitions to an undisclosed European country, as reported by Sarbaz.kz citing Elbit. Over the next two years, the country is set to receive several hundred such systems.

The SkyStriker is an autonomous system designed for engaging targets using a fragmentation-high-explosive or cumulative warhead weighing between 5-10 kg. Targets can include combat vehicles, which typically have weaker armor on their upper surfaces, as well as command posts, for example. It is launched from a pneumatic launcher, though the manufacturer asserts that it can also be launched from the canisters used in the PULS missile system (also produced by Elbit Systems), thus enhancing its versatility.

The SkyStriker is equipped with an electric motor, allowing it to operate quietly in the air for up to two hours, with a range of 100 km. Its propulsion system yields a low thermal signature, reducing the likelihood of detection in the thermal spectrum. This munition has been tested in various climatic conditions and can perform not only in the typical conditions of Israel but also in cold winter environments.



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