The European Union Fines TikTok $368 Million for Data Protection Violations

16/09/2023 - 15:04

TikTok has been fined $368 million by the European Union for violating data protection rules, as reported by with reference to Euronews.

On Friday, the European Union imposed a fine of €345 million ($368 million) on the social network TikTok for breaching data protection rules (GDPR) concerning the processing of information related to minors.

The Irish Data Protection Commission, acting on behalf of the EU, has ordered the social media platform (TikTok's headquarters are located in Dublin) to align its operations with the rules within three months.

TikTok was fined after a two-year investigation into violations that occurred from July to December 2020. In their decision, Irish authorities concluded that children were registered in a way that made their accounts publicly accessible by default.

Previously, the social network was fined approximately $5 million by the United States in 2019 and €750,000 by the Netherlands in 2021 for similar legal breaches. In April of the previous year, the United Kingdom imposed a fine of approximately €15 million for analogous offenses.



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