UK to begin the modernisation of Challenger III Tanks

13/09/2023 - 17:08

As part of the Challenger 3 tank modernization program for the British Army, the company Rafael has secured a contract for the Trophy active protection system, according to, citing

In the lead-up to the British DSEI exhibition, the company announced a £20 million contract with the Ministry of Defence for the development of the Trophy active protection system, marking a new era in providing protection for Challenger 3 tanks.

After a thorough assessment, the UK Ministry of Defence initiated the development of a similar system concept to protect tanks and their crews from modern battlefield threats. This system has gained worldwide recognition as one of the most reliable.

Rafael, in collaboration with the UK Ministry of Defence, has already completed the second phase of integrating the system into Challenger 3 tanks. A series of live-fire tests conducted at the end of 2022 demonstrated the system's effectiveness, preventing over 90% of damage.

The project for integrating the system is approaching its third and final stage, indicating the Ministry of Defence's confidence in the project being developed.



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