The New Approach to Counter-Drone Warfare

During the recently concluded British DSEI exhibition held in London, the world got to know about innovations in counter-drone systems.

27/09/2023 - 11:59

One of the most interesting concepts was presented by the British company MSI-DS Defense System, which has been manufacturing technology from small-caliber components for several years now, as reported by citing

The company introduced its mobile platform that can be placed in the cargo compartment of a truck. Additionally, the system can be installed on helicopters, transport planes, and ships.

The concept of the Terrahawk Paladin platform involves its rapid deployment in various conditions to combat drones. The company also emphasizes a simple design. The platform is both sturdy and lightweight, and it can accommodate various sensors depending on the user's needs.

At the exhibition, the platform was presented with a system of small radar antennas capable of detecting drones within a radius of several kilometers. For countering threats, it features a 30mm artillery gun capable of delivering precise high-speed fire.

Thus, counter-drone systems, including the one described above, are likely to garner interest from armies worldwide in the very near future. In addition to the system itself, the package includes a small power generator to provide it with electricity, enabling autonomous and independent operation, as well as equipment for automated assembly control.



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