700 Dead and a US Aircraft Carrier Off the Coast of Israel: Latest Updates from Israel

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have reported that combat operations in the south are ongoing.

09/10/2023 - 12:08
Source: CNN
Source: CNN

Israel is evacuating civilians from cities bordering Gaza while the IDF continues to sweep the area in search of remaining militants, as reported by Sarbaz.kz, citing the Times of Israel.

Authorities evacuated residents from severely affected cities near Gaza, which were devastated by Hamas militants on Sunday. Security forces continued to combat terrorist pockets within Israeli territory while simultaneously searching for suspects in more than a dozen Israeli communities.

Throughout the day, sporadic gunfire was heard near Sderot and other cities as forces attempted to eliminate Hamas militants. These militants had breached Israel's border fence the day before, killing at least 700 people and taking around 100 hostages back to Gaza during an unprecedented rampage.

In a statement released after 10 p.m., the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed that combat operations in the south were ongoing but did not provide further details.

"The forces have been conducting ongoing operations in cities near the Gaza border, destroying hundreds of terrorists in cities along the border and on the coast over the past 40 hours," the IDF stated.

Merkava Mk4 tanks in Northern Israel

However, precise figures on the number of terrorists in the country and how many civilians remain at risk remain unknown.

Residents in approximately 13 settlements were instructed to stay in their homes, as the military had not yet declared them free of Hamas militants. By Sunday evening, active clashes had subsided.

Earlier, intense skirmishes were reported between Israeli forces and terrorists in Magen, near the Gaza border. The Israel Defense Forces employed tanks against the terrorists in this area.

Israeli aircraft conducted "intensive" airstrikes in Gaza on Sunday afternoon, shortly after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet formally declared a state of war, granting him the authority to engage in "significant military action."

Damaged During the IDF Assault: Sderot Police Station, Where Hamas Fighters Barricaded Themselves with Hostages

As of the latest reports from the Israeli side, over 700 people have been killed, and more than 2,500 have been injured. A total of 3,284 rockets have been fired towards Israel.

In addition, the Israeli military has struck more than 653 targets. On the Palestinian side, 413 people have been killed, and 2,300 have been injured.

US Aircraft Carrier Off the Coast of Israel