Israel States That Gaza Government Buildings Could Be Legitimate Targets

Overnight, the IDF struck more than 200 targets in Gaza.

10/10/2023 - 15:13
Source: Times of Israel
Source: Times of Israel

During a military briefing, a representative of Israel stated that Gaza's government buildings could be considered legitimate targets, as reported by citing AP.

Richard Hecht, the spokesperson, mentioned that the Gaza parliament and civil ministry buildings might be subjected to bombardment.

He also noted that due to the wide dispersion of the Israeli Air Force (IAF), the accuracy of airstrikes may not be as high. Responding to the question of whether Israel considers Hamas's civil government, such as the parliament and ministries, as legitimate targets, Hecht said, "If a militant fires rockets from there, it turns into a military target."

It's worth noting that overnight, the IDF targeted more than 200 sites in Gaza. The Israeli army has stated that it will carry out strikes on the Gaza Strip even in cases where there is a threat to hostages held there and has abandoned the previous tactic of issuing warnings before the main evacuation of civilians.

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