The United States to Allocate $100 Million in Humanitarian Aid to Palestinians

The U.S. President, notes that civilians are not to blame  for HAMAS crimes and should not suffer from the horrifying terrorism.

19/10/2023 - 11:40

During his visit to Israel, the President of the United States announced the allocation of $100 million in humanitarian aid to Palestinians, as reported by, citing

"The money will be used to provide people with clean water, food, hygiene products, medical assistance, and other essential goods," stated Joe Biden.

According to the U.S. President, the civilian population of the Gaza Strip "is not to blame and should not suffer from the horrifying terrorism of Hamas. The lives of peaceful civilians must be protected, and assistance should be urgently provided to those in need."

Previously, while speaking in Tel Aviv, Biden called on Israel to allow humanitarian aid from Egypt to enter Gaza to alleviate the plight of civilians. As a result, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel would permit the delivery of food, water, and medicine to the southern Gaza Strip through Egypt. He added that Israel would not allow aid from Israel until Hamas releases Israeli hostages.

It's worth noting that Kazakhstan has condemned HAMAS attacks on Israeli civilians and called on Israel to refrain from "disproportionate use of force leading to numerous casualties among the civilian population of the Gaza Strip and the destruction of civil infrastructure."

On October 7, HAMAS militants, who control the Gaza Strip, launched an attack on Israel. They fired thousands of rockets into the country, and then infiltrated border areas, killing and taking civilians and soldiers hostage. In response, the Israel Defense Forces initiated massive strikes on the Gaza Strip, with Israeli authorities officially declaring the country to be in a state of war.

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