Biden's Address: President of the United States Announces New Aid Packages for Ukraine and Israel

The emergency address was broadcast after Biden's return from the visit to Israel.

20/10/2023 - 16:54
Source: CNN
Source: CNN

President Joe Biden delivered an urgent address to the nation following his visit to Israel. In a primetime speech on Thursday from the Oval Office, he made a passionate appeal to Americans to support two friendly nations, tying the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel together, as reported by, citing Reuters.

During his address, Biden drew parallels between Hamas's attack on Israel and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, connecting them through the common idea of undermining democracy in neighboring countries.

The speech was directly related to the approval of the budget in Congress to fund national security. In the new budget plan, $60 billion in aid is earmarked for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel.

Biden expressed the view that this is a prudent investment that will yield dividends for future generations.

However, he emphasised that the United States does not want its military to engage in direct conflict with Russia, and there are no plans to send American troops into combat in Ukraine. Nevertheless, he warned that if the U.S. does not assist Ukraine, Russia may not stop at Ukraine's borders and could potentially invade Poland or the Baltic states.



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