Jordan Requests the U.S. to Station Air Defense Systems

Jordan has reached out to the United States with a request to deploy Patriot air defense systems on its territory, as reported by, citing DefenceNews.

02/11/2023 - 10:59
Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters

"There is a possibility of a missile attack against Jordan," stated Brigadier General Mustafa Hiari, without specifying the source of the threat.

According to Hiari, there are no American bases in Jordan, but the U.S. does have a presence in the country for training Jordanian armed forces and providing equipment modernization and technical support. In January 2021, the countries signed a defense cooperation agreement that grants the U.S. "unimpeded access" to specific Jordanian facilities.

Additionally, on Sunday, the Jordanian Armed Forces General Command refuted claims that U.S. aircraft had used local airbases to supply Israel with equipment and ammunition for use in its conflict with Hamas.

Military officials noted that the purpose of such allegations is to undermine Jordan's steadfast support for Palestine and tarnish the reputation of its armed forces.

The Jordanian government has called for an end to the violence in Gaza and warned of dangerous consequences. It also condemns Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people and underscores Jordan's role in safeguarding Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.




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