Israel's Response to Kazakhstan's $1 Million Aid to Palestine

Israel does not object to the assistance to the Palestinians

08/11/2023 - 10:09

Simona Galperin, Deputy Director-General for Eurasia and the Balkans at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has commented on Kazakhstan's provision of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, as reported by, citing

According to Galperin, Israel does not object to the assistance to the Palestinians. She emphasised that Israel is combating the organization of HAMAS, not the Palestinian population. Galperin also stressed the importance of ensuring that the aid is directly provided to the Palestinians, not to HAMAS or terrorists, and that it is used to improve conditions in hospitals, schools, and for the development of kindergartens and the economy.

Simona Galperin also noted that over recent years, Palestinians have received more humanitarian aid from various international organizations and countries than many other nations. She expressed regret that this aid often fails to reach its intended targets and ends up in the hands of HAMAS, rather than being directed towards the development of water supply, industry, the economy, as well as the construction of schools and hospitals for the Palestinian civilian population.

It was previously reported that a citizen of Kazakhstan and her daughter lost their lives in the Gaza Strip.

To recap, on October 7th, HAMAS launched an attack on Israel. Terrorists entered Israeli communities located near the Gaza Strip border, killing hundreds of residents and taking hostages. In response, Israel began targeting the Gaza Strip.

As of October 23rd, the HAMAS attack in Israel resulted in the deaths of approximately 1,400 people, with over 200 taken hostage. Palestinian authorities claim that around 4,600 people were killed in Gaza over two weeks due to Israeli strikes.

Earlier, Kazakhstan condemned HAMAS attacks on Israeli civilians and the hostage-taking, which included foreigners. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan also called on Israel to refrain from "disproportionate use of force, leading to numerous casualties among the civilian population of the Gaza Strip and the destruction of civilian infrastructure."

Many believe that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a struggle between Jews and Muslims. In reality, it's about a territorial dispute: two groups of people claim the same land. This conflict has a specific starting date: May 14, 1948. The day when Israel's founding father, David Ben-Gurion, declared the establishment of the State of Israel. Palestinians refer to this day as Al Nakba - the catastrophe. has compiled a chronology of events in the world's longest-running contemporary conflict, without attempting to determine who is right or wrong.

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