IDF: "Hospitals and Ambulances Are Legitimate Military Targets for Attack"

Currently, there are reports of 11,000 casualties, with 27,500 people injured.

13/11/2023 - 17:10
Source: Reuters
Source: Reuters

Israel has accused the HAMAS group of using ambulances for transporting weapons and militants, disguising them as civilians, and declared them legitimate military targets, reports, citing an official statement from the country's defense ministry.

"HAMAS uses ambulances to transport its weapons and fighters, masking them as civilians, and hospitals are, in fact, part of terrorist infrastructure. This contravenes international law, rendering them legitimate military targets," stated the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in a social media post.

International organizations have repeatedly reported attacks on emergency hospitals. For instance, on Saturday, November 11, "Médecins Sans Frontières" (Doctors Without Borders) reported the shelling of the maternity ward of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. According to the WHO, the hospital no longer functions as a medical facility.

It is worth noting that the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip has significantly deteriorated due to the Israeli ground offensive. 

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