Ministers of Defense of Kazakhstan and Belarus Held a Meeting in Minsk

Kazakhstan's Defense Minister Ruslan Zhaxylykov is on an official visit to Belarus.

22/11/2023 - 16:45
Source: MoD of RK Press
Source: MoD of RK Press

General-Colonel Ruslan Zhaxylykov, Kazakhstan's Defense Minister, arrived in Minsk for a joint meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers, the Council of Defense Ministers, and the Committee of Secretaries of Security Councils of member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, as reported by

At the Central Officers' House, a meeting took place between Kazakhstan's Defense Minister, General-Colonel Ruslan Zhaxylykov, and Belarus' Defense Minister, Lieutenant-General Viktor Khrenin. Following this, the heads of the defense departments of Kazakhstan and Belarus signed a cooperation plan between the defense ministries for the year 2024.

General-Colonel Ruslan Zhaxylykov expressed satisfaction with the level of Kazakhstani-Belarusian relations in the sphere of military cooperation.

"Kazakhstan, as a peace-loving and responsible state, is interested in maintaining peace and working together to ensure security in the CSTO's area of responsibility," he emphasized.

Kazakhstan's Defense Minister participated in the wreath-laying ceremony at the "Victory" monument in the square of the same name. On the same day, a briefing was held at the General Staff Faculty of the Armed Forces Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus, during which the Kazakhstani delegation familiarized themselves with the structure, tasks, and system of training military personnel at the institution.

The head of the defense department, General-Colonel Ruslan Zhaxylykov, met with Kazakhstani servicemen undergoing training at the Belarusian Military Academy. He inquired about the content of educational programs, the learning process, and the living conditions provided for the servicemen and their families.







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