A TV-series about people with prosthetic limbs is being filmed in Russia

03/07/2023 - 12:40
Source: ID Production Press Service
Source: ID Production Press Service

A miniseries titled "Cyborg" is being filmed in Russia, with the plot focused around individuals living with prosthetics, and who face extraordinary challenges in their daily lives. The scientific documentary series will be available on the Premier online cinema platform, as reported by ID Production, the film company involved in the production. - Sarbaz.kz

"For us as producers, this project holds special value. We sincerely hope that the series will inspire many individuals with disabilities to believe in themselves and once again enjoy the full spectrum of life's experiences" –Dmitry Litvinov, the producer of the documentary series.

"Cyborg" will consist of three episodes, each highlighting different aspects of the lives of people with prosthetics. Several heroes who have experienced hand or leg injuries under various circumstances will share their journeys of physical and psychological adaptation to their new bodies. Moreover, they will serve as mentors to individuals who have recently encountered similar challenges.

"Projects like this are crucial to create and present to audiences. They provide significant support, especially for those who have undergone sudden life-altering changes. This is a project that instills faith in the future and emphasizes the existence of solutions. Through the stories of our heroes, we aim to showcase life while highlighting the advanced technologies available in our country," – states Makar Kozhukhov, the Deputy Director of Premier, the online cinema platform.

Experts in the field of prosthetics, including surgeon Maxim Lachaev from the Sklifosovsky Institute of Emergency Care, Ilya Chekh, the founder of "Motorika" company, rehabilitologist Elena Mezentseva, and other specialists, are providing consultation to the series' creators and actively participating in the filming process.




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