Sweden Chooses a New Vector in Maritime Submarine Research

Specifically, this pertains to the exploration of underwater technologies, such as mine countermeasures and systems. Additionally, the country continues its efforts in researching the military naval fleet within this domain.

12/12/2023 - 14:47
Source: MoD of Sweden
Source: MoD of Sweden

Starting in 2024, Sweden plans to strategically focus on developing underwater technologies and maritime research, as reported by Sarbaz.kz citing DefenseNews.com.

Particularly, the focus lies on exploring underwater technologies like mine countermeasures and systems. Concurrently, the country is progressing in its research within the military naval fleet domain.

The Ministry of Defence has signed a contract with the procurement agency for conducting studies related to submarine development concepts. Swedish company Saab will also be involved in this undertaking.

"This contract should be seen as part of the long-term planning to ensure Sweden's underwater capabilities," stated company representative Conal Walker. "Saab will explore the possibilities of the future underwater realm, including technological potentials for upcoming projects."

Meanwhile, the research outcomes may find application in the ongoing work of the company on new Swedish submarines.

In 2015, Sweden's Defence Material Administration signed a contract with Saab to construct two submarines for the country's Navy. The project faced several delays. The delivery date for the first submarine was initially slated for 2023. However, due to production setbacks, it has been pushed to 2027-2028.

It's crucial to note that should Sweden join NATO, the country's submarine projects could prove beneficial for the North Atlantic Alliance. Additionally, Sweden's experience in the maritime navigation of the Baltic Sea plays a significant role.

Currently, the Royal Swedish Navy operates five diesel-electric submarines. Furthermore, the country's Ministry of Defence plans to add several more autonomous underwater vehicles for its mine disposal operations.

Moreover, for more precise underwater operations, powerful sonars installed on autonomous underwater vehicles are utilized by NATO countries.

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