Israeli Action to Flood HAMAS Tunnels Under Gaza Strip Reported by Media

A representative from the Israeli Ministry of Defense declined to comment, stating that Tel Aviv's actions concerning the tunnels are of a confidential nature.

13/12/2023 - 17:10
Source: The Wall Street Journal
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Israel has initiated the process of flooding Hamas tunnels in the Gaza Strip, reports the American business newspaper The Wall Street Journal, as per

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) has deployed seven pumps capable of injecting thousands of cubic meters of water from the Mediterranean Sea. The process may take "weeks." This measure will destroy the underground infrastructure where the terrorist group is suspected to hide hostages, militants, and ammunition.

Hamas has utilized an extensive network of tunnels in the Gaza Strip for covert movement between houses and concealing hostages. Some tunnels are built with reinforced concrete, equipped with communication networks and electrical lines, and are tall enough for an average-sized person to stand upright. The total length of the tunnels amounts to 500 kilometers, comparable to the size of the subway systems in Moscow or London, as previously reported by

Since the start of the ground operation in the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces have discovered over 800 shafts leading to the Hamas underground tunnels, with approximately 500 of them demolished. Most of these tunnels are situated in residential areas, often found near or within civilian facilities such as kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, and mosques.

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